Perfume Oil Grab Bag - TEN (10) 1ml random samples

Lurker And Strange

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Perfume Oil Grab Bag - FIVE 1ml random samples - Lurker And Strange Perfumery
Perfume Oil Grab Bag - FIVE 1ml random samples - Lurker And Strange Perfumery
Inside each package there will be 10 randomly chosen 1 ml vials of perfume oil. They will have currently available perfumes that often go unnoticed or overlooked that I absolutely love, and a few best sellers. There will be no discontinued perfumes included in the package, only ones that are regularly available.

IMPORTANT: Please understand perfumes are selected randomly by me. If you purchase more than one bag within the same order you will not receive the same perfume twice up to 3 grab bags, unless requested.  Over 3 grab bags you may get duplicates.  If you order again on another day I cannot guarantee you won't get duplicates from a previous order.   

Also, if there are certain notes you prefer not to receive, please let me know in the note on checkout.  

Customer Reviews

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So good!

This was a great way of trying out a variety scents that a normally would have overlooked. There were a few that really surprised me. I normally tend to stay away from gourmands, but they were some of my favorites! The TAT was really fast as well. I recieved them in just over a week after I placed my order (from Canada to the US). The little bottles are so cute and you can tell that a lot of care goes into the product. Each bottle has a gem on it. Also, as a clumsy person, I really appreciate the slow-flow inserts. They have already prevented several spills. The scents were lovely right out of the mail and have continued to increase in throw and longevity after some rest. There wasn't a single one that I disliked and there were several that I love!

The grab bag is great for you to try out a...

The grab bag is great for you to try out and smell a multitude of different scent combinations. You might be surprised by loving some more one day only to change your mind the next, depending on your mood. All these scents seem to linger and don't just fade away quickly. They are all very nice mixtures/combinations for you to awaken and explore your senses which then lead you further into your own deeper world. I also love the creative names and the descriptions so that you know what wonderful blends these are. I will definitely be getting more, if not all of the different scents at some point. I love the creativity, soulfulness and care that went into these. :)

I'm so glad I ordered this 😭 I honestly ne...

I'm so glad I ordered this 😭 I honestly never would have picked the samples I got, but I absolutely love them! I can't recommend these enough

Sarah Krassman
I love this so much! Lovely set

This set of random samples was absolutely lovely, it had variety and included things which I may not have gravitated towards trying just by the notes alone, but I am so grateful for having tried it now! The little vials are precious, and the dropper-like top is so useful. The lid on one vial came loose in transit and was unfortunately mostly empty upon arrival, but such is the danger of shipping. The upside was that opening the package filled the room with the beautiful scent :)

Marianna Z
I'm a big perfume fan that's been slowly w...

I'm a big perfume fan that's been slowly wading the indie world. I like to support Canadian businesses when I can, so I decided to try this shop with two mystery bags. So far, I love everything! The scents are unique and smell beautiful. The packaging is super cute. And it all arrived well-packed and unharmed. I'll definitely be back again!