Policies & FAQ


Refunds - If there is an issue with your order (ie, missing, incorrect or defective/damaged items) I will provide you with a replacement.  Please email me at lurkerandstrange@gmail.com and let me know your order number.  Often emails don't match the name on the order and it can be difficult for me to locate.  Due to the intimate nature of perfumes I can't know if one has been used or not so I cannot offer a refund or exchange.  

Cancelation - At this time I cannot accept cancelations, so please be sure you want to order.  Often I start bottling, labeling and packing orders shortly after they come in.  

- Samples are given on all orders that either have 3 items or more, or have a minimum purchase of $20.  The more you order, the more samples you get. I cannot honour requests on samples that I put in each order.  I make hundreds of samples ahead of time to maximize efficiency when I package orders.  

Allergies - Please patch test your perfume prior to use.  By purchasing from Lurker & Strange you agree that I will not be held liable for any allergies or skin sensitivities you might have.

Turnaround Time (TAT) - This will always be updated on the announcement bar at the top of the page.

Rewards Program (Strange Benefits)
Ways to redeem: How do I spend points?

How do I apply a previously redeemed reward?

Weekends, Emails & Social Media - Please understand that I typically take weekends off to spend with my family.  It is unlikely that I will respond to emails during this time.  Sending me a dozen emails wondering why I haven't responded on a Saturday night will only take me longer to respond to you.  I have to read them all so I don't miss something important.  If for some reason if I haven't responded to your email within 48 hours during the weekdays please resend it.  I get flooded with a lot of spam and cold emails trying to sell me something and it may have been lost in the mess.  I'm still trying to figure out a solution for this.  If you have one please let me know.

If you have ANY questions the best place to ask is in my email.  I spend very little time on social media and don't keep any of it on my phone so I don't get notifications.  If I am on it, it's usually because I've logged in on my laptop to update and by that time any questions you may have had have been sitting for weeks unanswered.  
I am one person that does everything in my little 10'x10' studio.  I design the labels, make the labels, put crystals on the labels one by one, create the perfume, design the images, update the website, make samples, bottle and pack orders ... and so much more.  Please be patient with me.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you make a dupe or copy of *insert corporate perfume here* or *discontinued indie perfume from another artist here*?
I have my own style and creations and I work hard at my craft, please respect that.

Do you have a perfume just like *insert corporate perfume here*?
I have no idea, but probably not.  I do my own thing.  I have heard a couple of my scents remind others of a large perfume house or two but it was completely unintentional and I can't confirm it.