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Perfume Oil Grab Bag - FIVE 1ml random samples

Lurker And Strange

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Perfume Oil Grab Bag - FIVE 1ml random samples - Lurker And Strange Perfumery
Perfume Oil Grab Bag - FIVE 1ml random samples - Lurker And Strange Perfumery
Inside each package there will be 5 randomly chosen 1 ml vials of perfume oil. They will have currently available perfumes that often go unnoticed or overlooked that I absolutely love. There will be no discontinued perfumes included in the package, only ones that are regularly available.

IMPORTANT: Please understand perfumes are selected randomly by me. If you purchase more than one bag within the same order you will not receive the same perfume twice.  If you order again on another day I cannot make this guarantee.  

Also, if there are certain notes you prefer not to receive, please let me know in the note on checkout.  

All perfume oils are handmade in my studio using high quality aroma compounds, essential oils, individual notes and accords incorporated together. They are created in small batches and allowed to cure.

All perfume oils are vegan and cruelty-free. All ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Customer Reviews

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Luna Mccleave
Great experience!

This was my very first time buying perfume, and the experience was outstanding. I don’t know if it was a mistake that I got extras in my order (since according to the descriptions offered I shouldn’t have, it was just 1 sample pack), but I really appreciate it. The scents are all really nice, and even if some of them don’t work for me I can definitely see them appealing to many others (and that was my fault, I completely forgot to leave a note)! As mentioned, I’m completely new to this so I’ll leave reviews of the scents to more experienced people, but as far as the interaction went it was definitely 15/10. Thank you!

Beautiful Fragrances

Each perfume oil I received is unique unto itself and very high quality. I already ordered full sizes of Dweller Within and Kali's Visage. I also loved Cleric of Nyx, Ghost and Soul Mend and am planning on purchasing them again once I run out. Suzy also sent my samples based on my request for certain fragrances and was spot on! Thank you so much!

Lillianna N

5 stars review from Lillianna

Alyssa N

Overall I'm really happy with my perfumes! One of them isn't really for me but the others are all really nice!

Alexandra B

5 stars review from Alexandra

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