"Ostara" - Sweet Rose Buds, Juicy Apple, Ripe Melon, Plumeria, Raspberry

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"Ostara" - Sweet Rose Buds, Juicy Apple, Ripe Melon, Plumeria, Raspberry
Delicious Juicy Apples, Ripe Sweet Melon, Plumeria, Dried Raspberries, Sweet Rose Buds, Concord Grapes, Orris, Black Cherry.

Customer Reviews

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Millie N

sweet stink ✨ will replenish as required 💖
Love love love your scent work, the magic is is evident
Thank you again 🌚🌝

Tracey H

Another lovely perfume. Hard to explain how it smells and it will likely smell different on everybody. I am in awe of how Suzy puts these oils together - they are like nothing you've ever smelled before!

Bethany B

I'm so in love with this scent it's exactly what i've been hunting for. The perfect combination of rich fruit and floral. My fiancé loves it too!

Clode F

5 stars review from Clode

Kaitlyn M

Like all the Lurker and Strange scents I've tried - this is gorgeous and complex. You won't find anything childish or lacking depth here. Each scent is as described and better. You can smell each note separately and together, if that makes sense. You'll find yourself smelling your wrists non-stop.
I was looking for a juicy, fruity scent without it being 2D and unimaginative. Ostara isn't quite what I was looking for, but I'm still so satisfied with it. It really lives up to its name and smells just like spring. It's bright and cheerful without being cloyingly sweet.
I bought myself three scents for my birthday and when there was a hiccup with my order, Suzy was quick to respond and help out, making sure I got my birthday present to myself. I really appreciate it, and definitely recommend Lurker and Strange!

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