"Of Ash & Shadows" - Dark Espresso, Sandalwood, Toffee, Tobacco, Vanilla Extract

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"Of Ash & Shadows" - Dark Espresso,  Sandalwood, Toffee, Tobacco,  Vanilla Extract

"Of Ash & Shadows" provides a captivating blend of intensely rich and smoky aromas, combining dark espresso with sandalwood, toffee, tobacco, and vanilla extract. An infusion of dust, ashes, and esoterica evoke a sense of mystery, revealing sophisticated layers of exquisite complexity.

Notes:  Dark Espresso, Mysore Sandalwood, Old English Toffee, Sweet Tobacco and Vanilla Extract.

Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and adventures are the shadow truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes and forgotten.
-Neil Gaiman

All perfume oils are handmade in my studio using high quality professional perfumery aroma compounds, essential oils, individual notes and accords incorporated together. They are created in small batches and allowed to cure

Vegan and cruelty-free. All ingredients are responsibly sourced.


Customer Reviews

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5 stars review from Bree

Vienna C

5 stars review from Vienna

Larissa G

5 stars review from Larissa

Coffee in the wilderness.

I agree with the reviewer who said it was like a cup of coffee in a cozy cabin. It definitely does remind me of and old canadian wood cabin, with a small fire and some tobacco smoke going, and definitely coffee brewing. The caramel could even smell like maple syrup, to go along with that vibe. I love this scent on me, and I think I would like it on a man too, as it's very atmospheric.

Alana R

This is an unusual scent, and I am glad to have sampled it, but sadly not suiting me. I recommend the seller, as she provides many unique scents, is responsive, and replied even during a very trying time of family emergencies. She also provided a free sample, which I appreciate very much. I will buy from her again.

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