"Melancholia's Wish" - Black Copal, Spicy Sweet, Buttercream, Honey Musk

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"Melancholia's Wish" - Black Copal, Spicy Sweet, Buttercream, Honey Musk
Soothing and deep Black Copal, gentle and comforting Ambrette, sweet and spicy Cinnamon Sugar, smooth and delectable Buttercream, with an enchanting honey musk glow.

All perfume oils are handmade in my studio using high quality professional perfumery aroma compounds, essential oils, individual notes and accords incorporated together. They are created in small batches and allowed to cure

All perfume oils are vegan and cruelty-free. All ingredients are responsibly sourced.


Customer Reviews

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Lovely scent

I love this! Feels so indulgent! Just the right amount of sweetness, mistery and depth! As always the order was packed with so much care and thoughtfulness! Thank you Susie, I feel so spoiled!

Claudia C

5 stars review from Claudia

Katrina T

5 stars review from Katrina

Destiny M

5 stars review from Destiny

Nathaniel R

I got this one (out of 4 other smaller sizes) at 5ml on a whim based on the notes alone and it did not disappoint. It is very harmonious and lasts quite a decent while, like all things from here :) I like that the honey note isn't too powdery. I love Suzy's perfumery style and plan to return again and again.

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