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"Nox Lemuria" - Dark Patchouli, Sensual Caramel, Velvety Vanilla, Rich Sandalwood

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"Nox Lemuria" - Dark Patchouli, Sensual Caramel, Velvety Vanilla, Rich Sandalwood
Sweet, earthy and musky Dark Patchouli, sensual and Sweet Caramel, velvety smooth Vanilla, and deep, rich Sandalwood.

“What hath night to do with sleep?”  -  John Milton, Paradise Lost


Customer Reviews

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Joelle G.
Very dark, a little burnt

The patchouli is very dark and earthy and the caramel almost has a bit of a burnt edge to it.

Michelle Franczek
Favorite perfume ever

I've been purchasing this scent for a couple of years now. It is by far my number one choice , I am a huge patchouli fan and the caramel note pairs so nicely with it. I get compliments all the time , Suzy is the scent master , love all of her beautiful blends

Sue Lascelles
I bought it for me but it became my sister's favourite

My first experience with Nox Lemuria was through a sample I received from Suzy. I was attracted to this intense perfume with the dark patchouli and sandalwood bringing me back to my childhood and sharing a room with my sister who wore these scents all the time. Unfortunately, it wasn't for me, so I brought it to my sister. She loved the vanilla and caramel notes which I couldn't even detect. I realized that all of my life, my sister's house, clothes, everything about was a combination of these scents. This perfume founds its way to her.

Warm and inviting!

I absolutely LOVE this scent! It reminds me somewhat of the old "woody sandalwood" from the Body Shop that was discontinued in 2015 but not exactly the same...better!

It's perfect 🥰

I'm always on the hunt for a good Patchouli and Nox Lemuria is warm slightly sweet Patchouli. I feel like this is definitely going to find its way into my everyday favorites.

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