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"Dragon's Blood" - Damask Rose, Cloves and Spices, Bourbon Vanilla, Black Patchouli - Original Formula

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"Dragon's Blood" - Damask Rose, Cloves and Spices, Bourbon Vanilla, Black Patchouli - Original Formula
Notes of bourbon vanilla, cloves and spice, patchouli, damask rose and just a touch of juicy lemon. Magical!

When I was a teenager Dragon's Blood was my go to perfume. I would purchase Dragon's Blood at various occult shops, both in Toronto and Montreal, back in the 80's and 90's and bathe in the scent. My closet was scented with it. My clothing practically saturated. One day I was missing it and wanted to create it with my own spin. Two words: NAILED IT (after some trial and error).

This is an original formula that I created with a variety of professional aroma compounds and essential oils and is NOT the fragrance oil that you can find all over the internet.

In ancient forests, deep and old,
Where legends stir and tales unfold,
There blooms a tree of fiery hue,
Its sap, a crimson dragon's brew.

From bark to leaf, a whispered lore,
Of battles fought and treasures sore,
Its essence burns with ancient might,
A dragon's blood, a crimson light.

Through shadowed glades and starlit nights,
It weaves its magic, fierce and bright,
A gift from realms of myth and dream,
Dragon's blood, a mystical stream.

In hearts of heroes, bold and true,
It stirs their souls, a fiery brew,
And in its veins, a tale is told,
Of dragons fierce and stories old.

 ~ Suzy Strange

Customer Reviews

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Ruth Tralla
Dragon’s bloodj

Unique and beautiful scent!

Sue Lascelles
I totally love this one... but I say that about all Lurker and Strange Perfumes

I have stopped and smelled the Damask Roses and I've fallen in love, which is odd because I'm not usually attracted to rose scented anything. Maybe it's the mixture of the Damask rose with the spices and vanilla (which always attract me). It's pretty, and feminine, and alluring, and I love it.

Marisol C

Nice perfume with staying power, love this shop!

Ashyr R

Up til today, this was my favorite Lurker scent and it's only surpassed by another from here! It's sweet in a good way, elegant, reminds me a lot of dreaming??? Very pretty smell, thank you!!

Claudia C

5 stars review from Claudia

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