"Windsong" - Vanilla Sugar, Pink Musk, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Lollipops

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"Windsong" - Vanilla Sugar, Pink Musk, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Lollipops
Notes: Vanilla Sugar, Pink Musk, Cotton Candy and Strawberry Lollipops

This perfume was inspired by the scent of baby grey headed flying-fox fruit bats. I really enjoy watching bat rescue videos, and there was one that really caught my attention where the rescuer was describing their scent as vanilla, pink musk, and lollipops. So I created my own interpretation of that including sugar because they rely so heavily on glucose to survive and to offset the shock they've gone through when they start the process of healing.

Named after my favourite baby bat from her rescues, Windsong.

This is an original formula that I created with a variety of professional aroma compounds and essential oils.

Glass vials are filled right to the top and have an orifice reducer to control flow. Just dab the bottle directly on your skin.

The label is hand stamped, hand cut, and the name of the fragrance is handwritten with an added touch of a Swarovski elements crystal. The process of creating perfume is a form of meditation for me and I try to keep as much as possible handcrafted.

All perfume oils are handmade in my studio.

All perfume oils are vegan and cruelty-free. All ingredients are responsibly sourced.


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