"Amber" - Labdanum, Benzoin, Vanilla, Styrax - Original Formula

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"Amber" - Labdanum, Benzoin, Vanilla, Styrax - Original Formula
Sweetness with a hint of spice, resinous, deeply sensual and warm.
Created from a mix of labdanum, benzoin, vanilla, styrax. If you like incense or resin blends, you will love this!

This is an original formula that I created with a variety of professional aroma compounds and essential oils and is NOT the fragrance oil that you can find all over the internet.

Customer Reviews

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Terrell M

Excellent item; very much delayed arrival


Full disclosure, I have no idea what Amber is supposed to smell like. I get the concept, and like it, but in reality I couldn’t imagine it. I suspect, after trying this one, that it’s sweeter than I thought, but this is a really lovely blend. I get a lot of vanilla, but it’s Good vanilla, vanilla extract (rather than plasticky vanilla). I don’t get too much spice, but the whole scent is just very warm and thick. Bonus points for the colour, which is also amber, orange amber, and one of the most beautiful colours I’ve ever seen. So it’s quite sweet, but very soft, it's not a scent that jumps out at you, it's one that envelops you (In my experience).

Lana H
Amber with an Edge

I ordered a larger size after test driving a 1 mil. This was the first scent of Suzy’s that blew me away (but not the last!) I have several oils and attars named “Amber” but they all share a heavy, Arabic-carpet-shop vibe, which is wonderful--I do appreciate the many incarnations of Amber.
But, Suzy’s Amber is unique. It has a subtle sweetness, a playfulness that separates it from its more serious & stodgy carpet store siblings. An incredibly well-blended, smokey sweet, Amber creation you won’t find anywhere else!

Antoinette A

Amber - Not what I expected because I never smelled a true Amber; I still love it for the purpose intended, I want to use it as a layering base for Vanilla & Sandalwood perfume oils I have. When I put it on it definitely projects. It smells a bit sour on the initial sniff, slightly off putting...then resin, all of a sudden a fresh clean swoosh in the air like what is that smell and where is it coming from in a good way! Then the dry down is warm and almost chocolate, smooth, pheromonal even...sitting closer to the skin - 💯🤌🏽🤌🏽‼️ I'm in love ☺️ Thank you for the sample it's definitely appreciated 🩵🙏🏽.

Jessica Nienhuis
Very nice!

I got this for a sample and it’s wonderful! Thank you!

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