My Story

I love fragrance because it's such a vast and bewitching world to discover.  From the emotions it evokes, and the memories it re-ignites.  The ability to express ones self through the subtlety of scent and not just fashion is paramount.

When I was a teenager on a whim I visited the local wicca shop and had a perfume oil custom made for me by the owner.  It was at that point my curiosity that had inspired me to learn the art of creating complex aromas using aroma compounds, absolutes, essential oils, and resins.  

Every Lurker & Shadow perfume is made in house, meticulously crafted by me in my studio.  I'm inspired through the world around me and think of how that experience could be made fragrant.  My fragrances are often a reminder of our innate divinity and they are inspired by many ideologies and their unique symbolism.

It is my sincerest wish that you enjoy my perfumes as much as I enjoy creating them.