"Daydream" - Sweet Vanilla Cream, Ripe Banana, Sugared Musk

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"Daydream" - Sweet Vanilla Cream, Ripe Banana,  Sugared Musk

In reveries, my mind takes flight, 
Unleashing dreams, a wondrous sight.
As visions dance, in colours so bright, 
I soar through clouds in pure delight.

With open yes, worlds come alive, 
Daydreams enthrall, they never contrive.
Imagination's song, I freely revive, 
In the realm of mine where dreams thrive.
© Suzy Strange

Notes:  Sweet Vanilla Cream, Ripe Banana, Sugared Musk





Customer Reviews

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Alejandra Gloria

This is the perfect, just ripe, banana. Sweet, but not artificial. Imagine you're making banana bread, and before adding the spices, you just have the mashed banana waiting for you. That's literally it, very loyal to the description.

The only reason why I am not gonna wear it despite giving it five stars it's because I have a personal vendetta against bananas that makes it impossible for me to smell it for long without getting annoyed. If anyone loves banana, or just a sweet, cozy scent, this is it.

Alana Ronald
Sweet Indulgence

Think of wrapping yourself in a light cashmere pashmina, drawing a milky bath while you indulge in some delicious white chocolate cream truffles. Slip into the bath, enjoy your treats while you read a romantic book. Once you're ready, slip out of the bath into your coziest robe & slippers, and apply a liberal amount of Daydream. Let yourself feel pampered & indulged while your mind takes you wherever you want to go.

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