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"Cleric of Nyx" - Oakmoss, Mahogany Wood, Almond Milk, Black Aged Patchouli, Vanilla Cream

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"Cleric of Nyx" - Oakmoss, Mahogany Wood, Almond Milk, Black Aged Patchouli, Vanilla Cream
Sensual and earthy oakmoss, deep mahogany wood, sweetened almond milk, black aged patchouli, vanilla cream.

Representing the Goddess of the Night, the daughter of Chaos, this scent is perfect for the evening. Sensual, seductive, primordial. If there was a Nyxian religious order, this is the scent you would find their clerics adorning themselves with.

This is a unisex scent.

All perfume oils are handmade in my studio using high quality professional perfumery aroma compounds, essential oils, individual notes and accords incorporated together. They are created in small batches and allowed to cure

Vegan and cruelty-free. All ingredients are responsibly sourced.


Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly surprised!

I am personally not a big fan of perfumes with vanilla, but this is the perfect balance. A rich luxurious scent with a hint of sweetness, this one has become one of my favourites.

Wasn't sure about this at first but starting to love it

I didn't think that I'd like this fragrance upon first sniff but after wearing it for a few hours I've changed my mind. I usually wear sweet/fruity/gourmand perfumes so this is definitely a change (in a good way!). It reminds me of Lush's long discontinued Tramp scent, or a softer and sweeter version of Tom Ford's Black Orchid. Adding to my "repurchase in a larger amount" list after I finish my 1ml.

A New Favourite

Oh my gosh. There is something so special about this fragrance. It starts out spicy and earthy, like wood, and dries down to a sort of soft, sweet, and warm patchouli. Several hours later it still lingered on my skin like dark vanilla. This scent has depth and darkness without being particularly heavy, which I love. I think it would be especially lovely at night or in colder weather. It is also truly unisex. When my 1mL runs out, I'll be reordering this in a larger bottle. My new favourite!

Chelsea DeSousa
Slightly Spicy, Slightly Sweet Scent Of My Dreams

This fragrance defies all of my expectations. I am so impressed with not only how wonderful it smells in the bottle, but also how the scent changes and develops on the skin. It works for any gender and it's a beautiful cold-weather scent that I would also love to wear on a hot summer night. The scent starts strong and changes into a lovely, comforting spiced memory that reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on. If a Deity of the Night paid me a visit, this is the scent that would linger in my room after they left.

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